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Watercolor Class 1 with Sherry Cummings

Jan. 23 12:30 to 3:30

Class 1 is for beginners which will introduce students to watercolor paper and proper preparation prior to painting. You MUST have a board for stretching watercolor (see supplies). Once your paper has been prepared and drying, we will review brushes, paints and the color wheel. Between reviews, I will have several exercises ranging from brush strokes, color wheels, paint blending and glazing. 

Understand watercolor paper and proper preparation. Understand the   types of watercolor paints and their usage. Understand the brushes and their usage. Understand the color wheel and mixing of paints. Begin and complete one prepared watercolor paper for painting by class 2.

Requirements: Drawing and basic painting experience desired but not required.

Fee: $45

Watercolor Class Supplies:
Class 1   Students must bring one hard board such as Masonite, wood or hard plastic minimum size of 14 by 16. This board must be able to accept water. I will provide paper, brushes and paints to use during class. See list of supplies below for future classes.