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Watercolor Class 3 with Sherry Cummings

Feb 13 12:30 to 3:30

Class 3 projects will be Liquid Watercolor focusing on background painting. Students will begin with a new project but can continue working on earlier works between drying time. Subject theme is ode to Mardi Gras focusing on a mask.  I will provide liquid watercolors. Students will need to provide painting surface i.e. water block or prepped stretched watercolor paper, brushes and paints.

Requirements: Drawing and basic painting experience desired but not required.

Fee: $45

Watercolor Class Supplies:
Class 1   Students must bring one hard board such as Masonite, wood or hard plastic minimum size of 14 by 16. This board must be able to accept water. I will provide paper, brushes and paints to use during class. See list of supplies below for future classes.

Class 2 & 3 Students will bring their own watercolors, brushes and prepped watercolor paper board from first class.  See list provided by gallery.