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OIL Impressions—Water-based Paints Class 2 With Carol N. Ligon

OIL Impressions—Water-based Paints Class 2

CLASS 2—March 11, 2016 (12:30—3:30 PM) 


Materials FEE—$25

Class 2 will include the following objective—study of COLOR, the design element, intensely, expressing mood and personal taste—four STEPS to learn more about SUBJECT, 

1. SUBJECT—Building the painting, opening creative eyes, testing each color and value against its surrounding
2. Using fresh, dazzling COLOR—exploring warm, light-value hues; exploring cool, dark-value hues
3. VALUE—lightness or darkness of a color; important element for creating accurate and interesting images that POP 4. COMPOSITION—staying fresh and loose with OIL water-based paints

Prerequisite for Classes: Basic drawing and painting experience is recommended