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Oil Impressions Water-based Oils Class 1 with Carol N. Ligon

Enjoy becoming a creative, productive and successful ARTIST, while shaping your own painting style! In these adult classes, the student will develop skills and experiment with style, color, technique, and the JOY of making ART.  

Class Limit: 6-8 students

CLASS 1—March 4, 2016, 12:30—3:00 PM


Materials FEE—$25

Class 1 will include the following objective—five KEYS to successful oil painting: 

1. Strategizing or planning—What do I want to project in this painting?
2. Blocking in the dominant shapes.
3. Working within the shapes with color contrasts, texture and detail.
4. Point-of-interest areas developing sharper edges; higher-chroma colors; and stronger value contrasts.
5. Adding the accents—reflections, highlights, high-chroma color, etc.

Prerequisite for Classes: Basic drawing and painting experience is recommended.