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Wire Basics & Links by Barbie Koncher

Wire Basics & Links by Barbie Koncher  

Thursday, March 10, 11:00pm-3:00pm

Description – Learn basic wire concepts, how to make clasps, findings, caulder coil bead, connectors etc. Learn how to use your basic jewelry tools. – Create a beautiful handmade chain using snake link, spiral and triangle links. Also learn how to connect links and how to add the clasp.

Supplies – Basic Jewelry Tool Kit*, 14 or 16 gauge copper wire will be provided for class**.  You may bring along beads to use with 14 or 16 gauge holes.

Cost - $55

*Basic Jewelry Tool kit is $11 and can be pre-ordered 2 weeks in advance. 

**Sterling Silver wire in either gauge can be pre-ordered. Sterling Silver 14 gauge is $6 per foot. Sterling Silver 16 gauge is $5 per foot.  1 link uses approximately 6 inches of wire.  You will make between 6-8 links and one clasp. Please pre order and pay Barbie on day of class.