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Treasure Necklace by Barbie Koncher

Treasure Necklace by Barbie Koncher 

Thursday, April 7, 11:00-3:00pm

Description – Bring your own unique collection of beads along to this class and make a stunning one-of-a-kind chain of beads with your treasured favorites. You can add seed pods, amber, a treasured locket or whatever you might have that you want to be part of your Treasure Necklace! Large gem beads are wonderful! Make sure the holes in your beads are 14 or 16 gauge.

Supplies – Basic Jewelry Tool Kit*, 14 or 16 gauge copper wire will be provided for class **. 

Cost - $45

*Basic Jewelry Tool kit is $11 and can be pre-ordered 2 weeks in advance. 
**Sterling Silver wire in either gauge can be pre-ordered. Sterling Silver 14 gauge is $6 per foot. Sterling Silver 16 gauge is $5 per foot.  1 link uses approximately 6 inches of wire.  You will make between 6-8 links and one clasp. Please pre order and pay Barbie on day of class.