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Watercolor Class 2: Watercolor with pen & ink. Theme: Farmers Market. by Sherry Cummings

Watercolor Classes by Sherry Cummings

Welcome to my world of color through watercolors. I am passionate about color and glazing in my watercolors. I hope to be your guide as we explore colors and their applications in the wonderful media of watercolor. Since I am a watercolorist who paints in vibrant color, the focus of the classes will eventually be on glazing along with time management and patience. Important: Please review supply list prior to class. 

May 28 Class 2  Watercolor with pen & ink. Theme: Farmers Market.

All themes will be focused with the beginning/intermediate skilled artist in mind. 

There will be individual Saturday classes from 12:30 to 3:30 pm. 

$45 per class

$5 materials for Liquid Watercolor Classes 3 payable to teacher.

Requirements: Drawing and basic painting experience desired but not required.

Class 1   Students must bring one hard board such as Masonite or wood minimum size of 14 by 16 to review stretching water color paper. This board must be able to accept water. 

Class 1,2 & 3 Students will bring their own watercolors, brushes and prepped watercolor paper board from first class. See list provided by gallery.