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The OIL Painting Workshop

The PAINTING Workshop—Themes & Dates—FEE: $80 (2-Day)
These 2-day Workshops offer artistic expression, where KIDS experience and develop awareness of ART Elements—Line, Shape, Form, Color, Texture, Space and Value.   

The PAINTING WORKSHOP is intended to inspire KIDS to grab their toolboxes and get busy making ART.  As the KIDS create ART, they tend to paint as a process, and allow their expressions to show in a natural way.  Materials are included.   

Artist Instructor:  Carol N. Ligon

MARCH 30th & 31st—Spring Break—12:30 p.m.—2:00 p.m. 
—POP ART—KIDS work with whimsical techniques to create their own style of whimsical faces, colors, and form.  They will examine their own faces and discover new shapes.  They will learn how to showcase their painting with color mixing, underpainting, and layering.      

Paint HAPPY—it’s FUN!